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Blue Merger 2022/11

I like to surprise my audience with my unconventional choice of exhibition locations and this time is no exception.   We have turned a dental clinic into a stunning, glowing spaceship, where each room is illuminated with a different coloured light specifically designed to  show the artwork at it's best.

The main difference between this exhibition and the others is that we made it into an exclusive private event. The powerful female energy generated by the circle of women we invited made it a very special occasion.

InCarNation 2022

Baltijos Baleto teatras, 2022/11

InCarNation is my 9th work in the art exhibition.

I believe an exhibition is an artform in  its own right so  I put all my whole heart into curating an  unforgettable experience for my audience. The preparation I put into transforming my dream into reality deeply reflected my feelings and aspirations.

I have dedicated the last few years to following a path towards spiritual mastery which has led to an upheaval of my inner feelings. This journey has also allowed me to be more innovative about my feelings and responses to myself as well as those who are comfortable with their grey daily lives.  It is said that people go through cycles where when one door closes another one opens on a new version of self-discovery. The whole exhibition is dedicated to this inner revolution, seeing visions, changing one's faults, and general growth. The memories of the past lives, that arose during this period of introspection, connected all the dots, and filled the empty cavities of ignorance.
For this reason, the works of art exhibited at the event are consciously very contradictory. Some works are very easy to access, while others are extremely deep, shamanic and mystical.

InCarNation Exhibition.png

Paris Fair 2021


A stunning art event where the abundance and diversity of artists come together. Artists and art lovers from different parts of the world meet on one big stage.  The event made a great opportunity to expand the roots of art. I exhibited my three paintings at the 2021 Paris Fair: “Venus”, “Milky way”, “Map”. For the first time, I collaborated with a foreign gallery, which presented my paintings in Paris: Van Gogh Gallery, Madrid. After the stories of the lips reached Paris, they made my heart happy for a long time after.”—Monisha.

From Lips to Lips


“For me, lips are not just lips. When I look at this form, I see the mysteries of the universe, mysticism. Enchanting engaging affair. Lips—the most beautiful and the cruellest part of the body, sometimes a symbol of fetish. We say endless words through our lips, as if through a filter. These words can kill a man and bring him to a new life.”—Monisha.

Media on the exhibition:
Photos by Greta Skaraitienė


Red velvet

Villa "Ramybė"
2021/08 VILNIUS