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MONISHA (Monisha Modesta Butautytė): a creator of modern art as well as a ballet artist and former European champion of street dance.

Her large-scale paintings are filled with mysteries and mysticism. Perhaps the main character of all these mystical paintings is the lips, which are the carriers of a philosophical message. As the author says: "Lips have a special place on the canvas, they are always centred (just like a human face), and everything else around them is chaos and fragments of history that tell the story of those lips. It’s the most beautiful and the cruellest part of the body; sometimes a symbol of fetish. We say endless words through our lips, as if through a filter. These words can kill a man and bring him to a new life...

Monisha’s works are purchased by art lovers from  Lithuania, United Kingdom, Germany, Poland, Italy, Norway and Sweden. 

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